Release 9

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New Features

  • Support for action sets, i.e. collection of actions in a single container
  • Activation conditions for either individual actions or entire containers, triggering based on the action state itself or the state of other inputs
  • UI rework to display the various pieces of information without overloading the entire UI
  • Code generation from profiles redone completely
  • Macros can now record joystick actions and vJoy actions with timing information
  • No operation action added to use when no action is desired but one is needed (Tempo container)
  • Customizable activation condition for short presses in the Tempo container


  • Should no longer crash on media key usage (can't use them yet)
  • Properly release vJoy devices when they are not in use
  • Value entry boxes should now be less annoying to use
  • Reading XML profiles should be a bit more robust now
  • Update SDL to the current version 2.0.6
  • Response curve input field changes should now be stored again
  • Crash due to activation race condition fixed
  • Input repeater and input highlighting code improved to work better with axes that don't physically reset to center
  • Cheatsheet generation should no longer crash when no save file is provided
  • Logging added for vJoy and SDL device matching, to help debug mapping issues in the future
  • Somewhat improve the "Do you want to save these changes" dialog logic
  • vJoy response curves should once again apply properly
  • Fixed macro manager to prevent excessive polling when identical macros are queued up