User Plugins

The following is a list of user plugins that can be either used as is or alternatively serve as inspiration on how to write your own.

This plugin allows four physical buttons to be mapped to a single virtual hat. The mode, virtual hat, and four physical buttons can be configured by the user via the UI.

This plugin allows the configuration of a circular deadzone which applies a radial deadzone around the center of two axes and a box deadzone around the edge. This results in a deadzone which looks something like the following:

The inner white circle is the circular deadzone while the dark blue outer box is the max deflection deadzone. The light blue are is being mapped to [-1, 1].
In order to use response curves with this plugin the curve have to be applied to the vJoy axes onto which the two physical axes are mapped via the plygin.

This plugin maps two physical axes onto a single virtual one and automatically detects which axis is currently active. This is useful for setups where for example a throttle and joystick are used to control the same vJoy axis at different times.