Release 10

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New Features

  • Configuration UI for HIDGuardian
  • Ability to assign labels to each device
  • Added UI to swap configurations of identical devices
  • Ability to turn on and off which events a macro should record
  • Ability to record and emit mouse button events
  • Symmetry mode for response curve confiruation
  • Function added to quickly invert a response curve
  • Option to launch with Gremlin on Windows launch added
  • Description action added which allows describing individual containers
  • Hat to Buttons container added which allows easily turning a hat into four or eight buttons
  • Rework the cheatsheet generator, preparing for future updates
  • Keyboard inputs from on screen keyboards can now be used in macro recordings


  • UI fixes to improve clarity and remove annoyances
  • Show device ID in each tab if duplicate devices exist
  • Improve and fix automatic button release logic
  • Some device initialization fixes
  • Improve handling of virtual buttons created from axis and hats
  • Consistent handling of axis motion detection
  • Improved Sound playback action validity checking
  • Ensure empty modes are not silently dropped when executing a profile