Release 13

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Due to the change in input handling library existing custom modules will no longer work, as they now require the GUID.

t16000 = gremlin.input_devices.JoystickDecorator(
    gremlin.common.DeviceIdentifier(72331539, 2),

needs to be replaced with

t16000 = gremlin.input_devices.JoystickDecorator(

The new library should solve certain issues with SDL2 and more importantly no longer ever get confused about the identity of devices. If identical devices are present Gremlin will require the user to use the Device Swap tool to properly assign their inputs.

New Features

  • New input handling library which permits usage of device GUID for device identification
  • User plugin system added, allows plugins to be written that can be configured via the UI
  • Remap actions for axis now support a relative mode which increments an axis' value based on the axis' deflection
  • Macros can issue relative axis motion to vJoy axis
  • Two new containers, double tap and smart toggle, thanks to jmriego
  • vJoy inputs can now be used in conditions
  • Improved map to mouse action, support for motion on button and mapping to mouse buttons for all inputs types
  • Default macro action delay can be configured on a per profile basis


  • Cheathseet generator now handles hats properly
  • Improved robustness of UI against missing inputs
  • Macros and conditions now user device GUID
  • Handle unexpected registry entries for HidGuardian
  • Fixed several issues with the save system
  • Fix for vJoy curves not being applied correctly